How long have you been in business?

We've been in business since 1986.

How much do your services cost?

Depending on the type of work being done there are different ways to estimate the job. This will determine the price. The estimator will gladly explain the different options when estimating your project.

Where are you located / How far do you travel?

We are located in Colonie NY, and depending on the size of the job we travel within a 40 mile radius.

Do I need to hire a landscape architect?

Most of the time no. We can help design an outdoor living space that's right for you. Only in very large or extreme condition applications will you need to hire someone else. We will let you know if you should hire an architect or engineer to help with the planning.

How long will the job take to complete?

This depends on the project. The average job takes less than a week to complete. The estimator will be able to give you a timeline.

Do you use sub contractors?

Generally no, we own excavators, skidsteers, dump trucks, loaders and many other vehicles so we can handle almost any job ourselves.

Do you stamp concrete?

Yes, we have a dedicated crew highly experienced in stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is an inexpensive alternative to get the look of brick / natural stone pavers while still offering a great result. We offer many designs and applications, see our photo gallery for examples.

Do you seal coat patios, walkways and driveways?

Yes, we seal all stamped concrete and/or regular concrete jobs initially. We also offer re-sealing of most all stamped concrete jobs whether they were done by us or someone else. We Pressure wash the stamped concrete, the apply new antiques color, then apply sealer.

How big or small of a project will you do?

Pretty much any size from a 3'x 5' walkway to a 50' high retaining wall, in other words no job is too large or small.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes we offer both residential and commercial services.

Do you have a display center?

We have a 5 acre place with a 10,000 square foot building with offices. We have a large outdoor display with many examples of stamped concrete and brick pavers as well as landscaping. Open the the public 7 days a week sunrise to sunset. Appointments necessary if you would like to speak with someone. Click here for more information about our outdoor display.

Do you sell any stone, top soil, pavers, ect?

We only sell materials with installation.

Do you do maintenance?

We offer mantainenance services for stamped concrete such as resealing.

How long will it take to get an estimate?

If it is a residential estimate generally we will give you the estimate within 24 hours by email. If it is a very large job, $ 20,000 or more it may take a couple days. All estimates will be either mailed, faxed or emailed

What is the difference between brick paver and concrete?

Pavers are made of concrete and are about 2-3 times stronger, they are set on 4-6" of stone then on concrete sand leveling bed. The pavers are all independent of each other where concrete is one slab poured out of a truck and finished in place.

Do you offer snow removal?

We offer ONLY commercial snow plowing, snow removal, trucking and ice control services.

Which is better - Stamped Concrete or Pavers ?

It's personal preference. Pavers will cost more than stamped concrete, they offer higher durability and low maintenance requirements. Stamped concrete is a less expensive alternative to pavers but requires yearly / bi-yearly sealing to maintain the appearance.

What is your warranty?


We offer a 1 year warranty based on ICPI (Interlocking concrete paver institute) standards for any movement or settlement on pavers and walls. Many manufacturers carry a lifetime warranty on their products.


There is no warranty on concrete. Due to the north east climate and the nature of concrete, no warranty is given on stamped concrete, sealing or any other type of cement work. It is the owners responsbility to maintain and reseal their concrete in order to keep the appearance and durability.


There is no warranty for plants unless otherwise specified.